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  • John Burnap says:

    We will consider donating if you will please provide info about the fertilizer and herbicides that are used on the grass areas. Thanks

    John Burnap

    • risteardo says:

      Hi John

      We put down a pre-emergent crabgrass product for the first time this year. We use a grub control product this after losing large sections of the lawn last year to the pest. We add calcified lime in the fall.

      The products used are safe for pets and people. One strategy we use is to apply the product on the night before a heavy rain. Our applicator is very attentive to do this.

      Also, we tried not using any products but started to lose the lawn—which we are contractually obligated to maintain since improvements were federally financed.

      Finally, we re-landscaped with a draught tolerant seed that tolerates high traffic. We also included clover—which gives off nitrogen to feed the grass. We work with Cranston to mow high and mulch to aid the addition of compost.

      We try to be green but we need help with this highly compromised soil. It is fill from the old coal mine in Garden City and filled with debris from when the sewers were installed and the Boulevard was constructed.

      Kind regards